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Anatomy of Restlessness Films is an independent film ideation, development, and production company, focusing on unique, diverse, and representative stories and POVs, fiction and non-fiction, challenging societal constructs and stereotypes. We bridge the gap between entertainment and socio-political engagement by straddling the often-nuanced boundaries, questions, and intersections of our contemporary humanity. 

In other words, we come from politics, and we take pride in specializing in social and political documentary (digital shorts, and feature films). That is to say, stories with meaning, and films with social impact.

We are drawn also toward stories about music and the arts as tools for social change.

Anatomy took on the portfolio of its predecessor, Longyearbyen Media, and inherited its political chops and tie-ins. Our bread and butter is still documentary, and we occasionally work on PSAs and institutional content for international agencies and NGOs whose missions we support. 

Our Work

Currently, the three most exciting documentary projects in our development and pre-production slates are exemplary of this merge between social relevance, politics, and pop culture.

Terra Múzika Land of Music, a Canada-France-Portugal-Cape Verde co-production, is a magnum opus about the history of Cape Verdean music, as it relates to its politics and identity, from the mid-1950s, through decolonization, and to cultural globalization — in the vein of Shad’s Hip Hop Evolutionseries.

The Biggest Band You Never Heard Of — The Unauthorized Story of Moby Grape is a fascinating journey to San Francisco in the 1960s and a portrait of American pop culture and society, seen through the eyes of two surviving members of the band.

The Last Communists, on the other hand, is a pensive, nostalgic snapshot of Portugal’s famed Communist festival, which still occurs each year around Labour Day, and is one of the last of its kind in neo-liberal Europe, gathering hippies, hipsters, old revolutionaries and SJWs under the same sky.

Junior Jetsetters Headline Hunters is a mixed animated/live footage show trying to make sense of the world through the eyes of kids. 

P.J. Marcellino | Producer | Head of Development


 P.J. Marcellino (CMPA | DGC | DOC) is a Toronto-based, Lisbon-born, Cape-Verde heritage producer and director. He started his career as a journalist, author, editor, and scholar, and was later a senior political and communications advisor with international agencies including the UN, IOM, and the Peace and Security Department of the African Union.

In 2012, he set off on a new path, reinventing himself as a filmmaker. Quickly finding that his on-screen voice kept swinging back to the themes such as identity, inclusion, memory, representation, migration, human security, and peace-building, he took to this new task with a sense of urgency, and the unique perspective of his previous career.

His first film, After the War: Memoirs of Exile (2014), focused on PTSD and was shortlisted for various awards, including a SAMHSA Voice Award 2015.

His award-winning debut feature, When They Awake (2017) tackled Indigenous rights and cultural revival through the lens of a dynamic Indigenous music scene, making a foray into music as social intervention - another core theme of his work. Following a special preview as a WOMEX'17 Film Selection, When They Awake became the first documentary to open Calgary International Film Festival when its World Premiere was programmed as the event's Opening Night Gala.

In 2018, his experimental/animation short film Riga, created in collaboration with French singer-songwriter Philippe Séranne, was incorporated into the virtual collection of the Museum of Latvian Occupation.

P.J. is an alumnus of the Documentary Film Festival at Seneca College, and a member of the Canadian Media Producers Association, Directors Guild of Canada, Documentary Organization of Canada, the Academy of Canadian Film & Television, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, Folk Alliance International, the Toronto Animated Images Society, and the Cape Verdean Film & Video Society. 

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